Welcome to The True Black History Museum, a traveling museum that teaches True Black history through the use of rare and authentic artifacts.  We are committed to preserving the history of African-Americans, and to teaching others of the many great contributions that African-Americans have made to mankind.  Over half a million people have viewed the The True Black History Museum throughout the United States.  

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2023 African American History Calendar "Collector's Edition"
One of a kind calendar showcasing  African-Americans who have contributed their brilliance to enhanced the human experience.  

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The True Black History Museum is currently booking dates for our 2023 Black History tour.  Our current exhibit, entitled "A Tribute to the African-American Journey" features over 150 artifacts, and includes original documents from historic figures such Martin Luther King Jr., Mary McLeod Bethune, Booker T. Washington, Rosa Parks, George Washington Carver, Angela Davis, President Barack Obama, and many other great African-Americans.  We also have a virtual option.   

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Themed Exhibits

  • A Tribute to the African American Journey
  • Women of Color
  • Negro League Legends  
  • Hip Hop - The Movement 
  • We can also tailor an exhibit to fit your event.

Our exhibits are pefect for:

  • Colleges and Universities 
  • Schools 
  • Churches 
  • Corporate Events 
  • Youth Organizations 
  • Municipalities 
  • Museums 
The True Black History Museum presented an exhibit at the International UAW Civil and Human Rights Conference in Onaway, MI. The event was attended by hundreds from across the United States, Canada and Mexico. 

True Black History Now!

Activist and Founder of the True Black History Museum Fred Saffold is pictured with activist Dr. Cornell West marching for justice in Ferguson, Missouri.  
"Be as proud of your race today as your fathers were in days of yore. We have beautiful history, and we shall create another in the future that will astonish the world".
                              Marcus Garvey