Signatures and Artifacts

Our premiere collection contains over 5,000 original authentic documents, books, newspapers, photographs and artifacts, dating from the 1600s through the present day.  The Collection brings to life the journey of the African American.  
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RECENT ACQUISITION - Manuscript, signed “Fred’k Douglass,” three pages both sides, 8 x 12.5, December 7, 1882. A release for a transaction between John D. McPherson and Joseph A. Smith. Signed on the docketing panel by Douglass as Recorder of Deeds.

Hand signed Photo by Julian Bond, Civil Rights leader and former NAACP Chairman.  Photo signed by Bond in top left margin dated 4/72. 

West African Copper Manilla, Circa 1800

Chattel slave shackles, Circa 1790

Document/ Deed hand signed by B.K. Bruce as Recorder of Deeds for the District of Columbia - October 14, 1890. Born into slavery, Bruce made history as the first African-American to serve a full term in the U.S. senate.  

Confederate $100 Bank Note depicting African-Americans hoeing cotton, 1862